Managing overwhelm..... Gratitude...

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Wednesday 1 April 2020
  • Coronavirus
  • Managing emotions


This, the final blog in a series of  five mini blogs by Maggie's Lead psychologist Lesley Howells focuses on how gratitude can help you to manage  when you are feeling overwhelmed. 

At the end of each day write down ten things for which you are grateful, Yes, ten things! 

Thinking of ten things encourages you to remember not just the ‘stand out’ pleasant things (e.g. a hilarious facetime make up lesson from your daughter) but the more plentiful, often more subtle sources of pleasure (e.g. watching the antics of the sparrows at your bird table, the feel of hot water, smell and feel of fresh bedlinen) that often get overlooked in the business of our day or overshadowed by darkness and difficult stuff. 

This isn’t about ‘positive mental attitude! It is about finding balance and not losing sight of the goodness in this world that continues despite tough times.