A virtual walk...

Robyn_maggies Robyn_maggies
Wednesday 22 April 2020
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I know many of you  who are self isolating are unable to get out for a walk at the moment - I am lucky enough to  live  in the countryside and recently my evening rush hour has been a short walk (a little different from my usual rush hour route through London)  I thought you might like to share mine. Not professional photos by any means but  I hope you enjoy them 


I start off by standing and taking a couple of deep breaths at the sheer beauty of it all - spring is a- springing despite everything! 


I love the greenery at this time of year especially the trees - I always think it looks as if someone coloured them all in with a  load of different green felt tip pens !


Part of my walk takes me through this copse  - full of animals  lots of pheasants, rabbits and  birds  and early in the morning usually a muntjac deer or two - on this occasion there were also lots of butterflies but my photographic skills weren't  good enough to capture them


Just love the trees  -  I often look up and wonder at all the things they must have ' seen' 


And finally my companion  -  Meet Hebe 13 years old 

Best wishes